I can't remember which lenders I had in the past, can you help?

It can be difficult to remember which lenders you used decades ago. These tips may help:
  1. Do you have any old paperwork stashed away? Go check the attic.
  2. Who do you bank with now? You may have had old loans or credit cards with them in the past.
  3. Obtain your credit report. Although these often only go back 6 years, they will include debts that you had up until then. For example, if you had a loan that you took out 10 years ago, and it ended 5 years ago, it would appear on your report.
  4. If you have any old bank statements, these may show payments to a loan or credit card company. Again, check the attic!
Please note we are no longer taking on new customers, if you remember lenders you have used in the past:

To start a new claim with a lender please contact the lender directly or visit the FCA website for help and support, web site address is below


We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you

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