Why have I been asked for another signed letter of authority?

From time to time the letters of authority do not meet the different lender requirements for the following reasons
  • Due to a poor scan or copy provided to us it is ineligible
  • The signature or date maybe missing from the form or incorrect
  • The form needs joint signatures
  • Amendments have been made on the form which have not been initialled
  • The form needs updated details, Name or address
  • The Lender has requested an original copy
If we have emailed you to notify you your letter of authority is invalid:

Sadly, due to the impending PPI deadline, 29th August 2019, there is not sufficient time to send and receive back a paper Letter of Authority (LOA). 

To start a new claim with a lender please contact the lender directly or visit the FCA website for help and support, web site address is below


We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you

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