I'm thinking about making a claim

  • I have other lenders not on your list. Can you help with those?

  • How far back can I claim?

  • What if I have no paperwork?

  • Do you handle store cards or car finance claims?

  • What are your fees?

  • How much will I get back?

  • My partner is deceased, can I claim back their PPI?

  • I think I had other products with the same lender. Will the PPI search uncover these?

  • I can't remember which lenders I had in the past, can you help?

  • Additional forms for other lenders

I'm waiting to find out if I had PPI

  • How long does the PPI check take?

  • Why can’t my lender locate me?

  • I have uploaded my forms via the Portal. What happens next?

You've found PPI, what happens now?

  • How do I fill out the PPI Questionnaire?

  • I sent you the form back to start my claim, what's going on?

I've received an offer

  • I have received an offer from my bank, but not heard anything from you

  • You have sent me an invoice for your fees, but I haven't received the refund yet

  • How do I know whether the offer is fair?

  • How are your fees calculated?

General Questions

  • I have a form to return to you, what is your postal address?

  • Can I get an update on my claim?

  • How do I add additional lenders to my claim?

  • Why have I been asked for another signed letter of authority?

  • Why has the claims tracker not been updated yet?

  • Why are you chasing me for the forms I have returned?

  • What’s the deadline to make a PPI Claim?

  • I cannot find a telephone number to contact you.

  • I have not received my forms.

  • My forms have arrived with incorrect information on them

You've made a complaint on my behalf.

  • Why is my lender contacting me?